LitCraft is a magical world hidden in plain view, right in front of our eyes...

...but most of us only catch fleeting glimpses of the magic it contains.

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LitCraft Legends

Explore a World Where Everything That You Create,

You Own, on the Devv Blockchain


Mine Materials for Your Inventory

Play Minigames to Gather Resources

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Craft Increasingly

 Complex Items

Create Over 150

Magical Pets

Craft From Over 200 Species of Unique and Valuable

BattlePet Trading Cards

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Take Part in Heptone Battles, a Strategy Card Game, With Your Crafted BattlePets Using Dozens of Unique Powers

Explore LitCraft

A hidden society of mages living in a wondrous magical world

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Grant Beagan: The Finder's Code

Book One of the Grant Beagan Series

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