The squad is here! The LitSquad is a series of fun collectible LitPet cards that come in packs of 7.

  • Each collector pack contains 5-6 unique variations and is guaranteed to include at least 1-2 uncommon hand-drawn images. These packs also have a chance of including a rare card.

  • There will be many collections over time in a variety of themes.

    • Each themed collection of 7 cards includes 1 rare custom image and 6 uncommmon custom images.

  •  LitSquad pets can also be crafted within the LitCraft Nysperience game using LitSquad Eggs purchasable at GlassBlock.

    • LitSquad Eggs have a higher chance of crafting very rare cards.

  • Buy and Sell cards on the GlassBlock NFT Marketplace​.

  • LitSquad collections are often sold in small-quantity limited-run batches on release. Over time, Nysperience players can craft these LitSquad pets themselves, but many of them are extremely rare and difficult to craft.


LitSquad First Drop

The Fancist
First Drop Collection

The Fancist

​In honor of Earth Day, this Fancist has wings and a tail shown that detail the delicate structure of a leaf as she focuses her gaze on Mother Earth. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 by roughly 20 million people. It is estimated that over 1 billion people will be celebrating Earth Day in 2022. LitSquad characters are adaptations of LitPets. There are millions of variations of LitSquad characters, including a number of unique and custom hand-drawn images. The Fancist is the very first of these unique cards, and the first overall LitSquad collectible character.

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