The realms of the Lit have many wondrous and fantastical magical creatures. Magical creatures, intelligent and lesser, evolved over time to channel magical energy. Many creatures innately channel spiritual energy, which contributes to making them imperceptible to the Unlit. As humanity spread, and the Lit continued to evolve and grow their magical abilities, the Lit further separated from the Unlit. The intelligent races became protectors of lesser creatures, and all magical creatures now live primarily separated from the Unlit.

Many of the intelligent races have intelligence or other capabilities that are equal or even superior to humans. Most of the intelligent races, notably excluding dragons which avoid the affairs of the Lit, holds a seat on the Kindred Council, one of the three ruling councils of the Lit. Each of the intelligent races holds power in one or more of the city states, and many city states are largely associated with a particular race. 

Kindred Council Races

The more prevalent intelligent races include:

Baasteen  (a cat-like race)



Dracks (a small dragon-like race)





Falkyre (a bird-like race)




Howlmanths (a wolf-like race)



Morphs (a race of shapechangers)



Other Magical Species

Other species include:

Angels - angels live a symbiotic relationship with humans. They are guides and protectors, but they don't live their lives as other Lit species do.

Basilisks - dangerous magical creatures that can negate magic and turn other creatures to stone.

Borchas - tumbleweed-like creatures

Dragons - powerful and intelligent magical creatures. Dragons come in all shapes and sizes.

Dream Snatchers - Brain-like creatures with many tentacles. It is a creature that feeds off of strong emotions while one is dreaming.

Ghosts - echoes of lives after death.

Jackalopes - rabbits with antlers.

Leprechauns - a reclusive intelligent species, that keeps to itself.

Loozes - small black dog-like creatures with oversized heads. they are often pets like dogs, and are some of the cutest, most loyal, and most gentle magical species.

Narfs - Dog-like creatures that are largely indistinguishable from dogs by their looks, but which are far more intelligent. Narfs can talk.

Orbies - very large and cute flying creature that create many of the wind gusts we feel.

Pegacorns - horselike creatures with wings and horns

Shivers - a type of spirit that gives you a shiver when it passes through you.

Unicorns - horselike creatures with horns.

Spierdons - Spiritual plants with no physical form. Even many mages cannot see them.

Squahms - large semi-intelligent insectoids, similar to yellowjackets, but larger. Their stings are particularly painful.

Telanths - an enormous spider-like race. 

Venar - invisible magically created creatures, created to perform a task by a powerful mage. 

Visendren - Spiritual based plant that harnesses spiritual energy.

There are numerous other wondrous plants and animals, particularly in Cent.