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Why are Epic LitPets and Land Lots Valuable?


  • Nysperience is a Play-To-Earn game where you earn Heptals. LitPets and Land increase your earnings.

  • Heptals can be used to create items sold on the DevvX marketplace. You can earn real world money from your game activities.

  • You don't have to be a gamer to gather value from LitPets or Nysperience Land. You can earn passive income by leasing your land and increase revenue on passive income with LitPets.

  • LitPets and Nysperience Land are unique. They will hold value because of their uniqueness in the community. No Genesis LitPets or Genesis Land Lots will ever be minted again. No Level 7 Land Lots will be created again.

  • LitPets help you earn in battles (Heptones) and both LitPets and Nysperience Land help you earn more with your Nysperience businesses.

  • You can earn more with a competitive Heptone deck. LitPets with Power Levels from 2-6 get a linear bonus, but Level 7 will be a much higher bonus than level 6. Epic LitPets will be used to create the most powerful decks.

  • All LitPets will have characteristics that range from 1-100 which help increase revenue for a Nysperience business. A retail location will emphasize charisma while mining will emphasize strength, for example. Epic LitPets will have higher level characteristics across the board.

  • Silver (20% chance), Gold (5% chance), and Diamond (1% chance) Epic LitPets each have at least one Mastery Level characteristic (i.e. a value of 100, the maximum) and will respectively have additional Mastery Level characteristics with each tier increase. Mastery Level characteristics also give a non-linear bonus.

  • An Epic level land plot will give a significant revenue bonus for the given business (farming land for farming businesses, mining land for mining businesses, and retail land for retail businesses).

  • Some land will provide the ability for passive income. For example, you can lease your Epic Mining Land Lot to others to mine, and you can collect royalties.

  • Finally, land will also have a Purchase Number as each lot is sold. The earlier the purchase number, the earlier the choice of prime locations in the Nysperience 3D virtual world. As towns are laid out and physical locations within the towns are revealed, early land purchasers will be able to choose the best locations to put their own houses and stores they create.

  • Here is a map.

    TL;DR The chests are going to have freakin' awesome items for the Nysperience game

What is Offered During the Launch Sale?


  • There are two items for sale: LitPet Chests, which contain a random Epic Genesis LitPet, and Nysperience Land Chests, which contain a random Epic Genesis Land Lot.

Asset 1.png
Asset 2.png

Economy Overview


  • LitCraft is selling LitPet chests and Nysperience land chests

  • Anyone can start playing to earn with no upfront costs

  • Heptals, the in-game currency, will be distributed through Play-to-Earn activities (PvP or virtual businesses) and will not be sold by LitCraft

  • Particularly unique NFTs can be extremely important in creating a powerful LitPet team or valuable businesses, increasing your earnings, or the NFTs themselves can be directly sold on a marketplace

  • LitPets, land, and items can all have their own unique value

  • Businesses drive supply and demand curves among each other

  • Some businesses require real-life business mechanics such as business registration, cost of goods sold (COGS), marketing, IP protection, and more


Launch Sale: Epic Genesis LitPets


  • There are 7,000 Epic Genesis LitPets

    • Epic = Level 7, the maximum level

    • 1,500 set aside

    • 500 for rewards

    • 5,000 for sale in LitPet Chests

      • Chests deliver a random Epic Genesis LitPet when opened

      • 1,000 for influencer/strategic round

      • 4,000 for public sale

      • Chests will be sold in traunches of 800 each. Traunches 1-3 are sold out. Traunch 4 = $995, Traunch 5 = $1195.


Launch Sale: Epic Genesis Land Lots


  • There are 25,000 Epic Genesis land lots

    • Epic = Level 7, the maximum level

    • 5,000 set aside

    • 500 for rewards

    • 19,500 for sale in Nysperience Land Chests

      • Chests deliver a random Epic Genesis land lot when opened

      • 5 rounds of 3,250 chests

        • 3,250 for influencer / strategic round

        • Round 1: Sold Out

        • Round 2: $245

        • Round 3: $270

        • Round 4: $295

        • Round 5: $320