Nysperience Land Chests

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Remaining chests in this traunch are
$245 each; next traunch is $270

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  • There are 25,000 Genesis total lots available, with specific locations on the Nysperience map shown here

  • 19,500 Genesis lots will be sold here at our store, 6 traunches of 3,250 each with increasing prices for each traunch; All chests are guaranteed the maximum Level, 7

  • Level 7 land will not be minted ever again

  • One land lot is contained in each chest

  • All chests are guaranteed Epic Level 7 (maximum level)

  • A future game mechanic will allow players to lease their land and allow others to mine it in exchange for a royalty (coming soon)



  • Nysperience is a Play-To-Earn game where you earn Heptals. Land increases your earnings.

  • Heptals can be used to create items sold on the DevvX marketplace. You can earn real world money from your game activities.

  • Genesis Land lets you choose the best Nysperience lot locations. Get a location near a lake or entertainment theater. Genesis Land also has valuable characteristics for use in gameplay.

  • No Genesis Land Lots will ever be minted again. No Level 7 Land Lots will ever be created again.

  • You can earn passive revenue with your land.

  • You can build your own creations on land lots. Get contiguous land to unlock more bonuses and better abilities to build.

  • Land will also have a Mint Number as each lot is unlocked. The earlier the purchase number, the earlier the choice of prime locations in the Nysperience 3D virtual world.