Epic-Level Genesis LitPet Chests

Clicking this button will lead you to the GlassBlock NFT marketplace.

Remaining chests in this traunch are $995 each; next traunch is $1,195


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  • There are only 7,000 Genesis LitPets in total – all Epic level (Level 7, the maximum)

  • 5,000 Genesis LitPets will be sold here at the GlassBlock store, in traunches of 800 each, with increasing prices per traunch

  • One LitPet is contained in each chest

  • The Genesis LitPets have characteristics that can never be crafted in the game. They are collectible and rare.

  • 20% of these LitPets will be Silver and 5% will be Gold, which means they have advanced characteristics; Silver LitPets are guaranteed 1 Master-Level Characteristic, and Gold LitPets are guaranteed 2 Master-Level Characteristics.

  • 1% will be Diamond and will be guaranteed 3 Master-Level Characteristics.



  • Nysperience is a Play-To-Earn game where you earn Heptals. Genesis LitPets increase your earnings.

  • Heptals can be used to create items sold on the DevvX marketplace. You can earn real world money from your game activities.

  • Genesis LitPets are unique and have valuable characteristics. They will hold value because of their uniqueness in the LitCraft Universe. No Genesis LitPets will ever be minted again. 

  • LitPets help you earn in battles (Heptones) and help you earn more with your Nysperience businesses.

  • You can earn passive revenue with LitPets.

  • LitPets will also have a Mint Number as each is unlocked. The earlier the purchase number, the more rare the LitPet.