Grant Beagan:

The Finder's Code

Book 1 of the Grant Beagan Series

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Grant Beagan isn’t looking for trouble.  He’s just an ordinary teenager who likes astronomy, video games, and keeping his mom happy—or at least, happy enough.  But everything changes for Grant when, by a twist of fate, he stumbles into a magical world very different from his own, a world filled with breathtaking wonders and amazing abilities, known as the World of the Lit.  It is a world hidden in plain view, right in front of the rest of us (aka “the Unlit”), but most of us only catch fleeting glimpses of the magic it contains.

Overnight, Grant finds himself standing face to face with bizarre creatures, becoming a member of a complex magical society, and best of all, having his own dormant channeling abilities “lit” by a very special recruiter, called a Flame.   As Grant begins to experience his new life as a member of the Lit—training to enhance his abilities, exploring mind-bending new locations, witnessing miraculous feats of magic, and meeting extraordinary new mages of different nationalities (and species!)—he can’t imagine ever going back to his old life in the Unlit world.  That is, until he learns of a dangerous conflict arising in his midst.

Before long, Grant finds himself embroiled in a battle between the Finder, a powerful type of mage that hasn’t been seen in five hundred years, and the Controller, a dangerous being with the power to exert control over the minds of others.  To emerge unscathed, Grant will need to hone his channeling skills, build upon the powers he’s gained, face his deepest fears, solve a series of unusual mysteries, and apply the wisdom of the Mage Code, a set of seven principles left behind by the previous Finder centuries earlier.  Featuring memorable characters, fun and imaginative locations, uplifting themes, and a rich set of magical abilities, the first book in the Grant Beagan series unveils the  extraordinary world of the Lit, a society of mages that is concealed from—yet intricately intertwined within—the everyday lives we lead.