The Heptagen

The Heptagen is a powerful symbol in mage society that represents not only the seven branches of magic, but it also represents creation itself. It represents balance and structure, and the forces that guide everyone and everything.


Balance Across Creation

Heptagen Details2.jpg

The name of the Heptagen comes from its two roots, Hept for Seven, and Gen for Creation. It represents the balance in creation for all living things and the forces that guide everyone and everything. It is symmetrical across its vertical axis, as the right and left halves of the Heptagen represent equal and balanced forces that guide and control life, yet it is asymmetic across its horizontal axis, representing both a journey and a search. The left side of the Heptagen represents the spiritual side of creation which contains forces and energies that guide evolutionary direction. The right side of the Heptagen represents the physical side of creation that implements the mechanics of evolution and the sustainability of life. 

The flow of the Heptagen from top to bottom represents our universal search. At the top is one's self, consisting of Mind and Body. Our individual selves exist within the spiritual and physical worlds, and the energy that embodies them. The middle of the Heptagen includes the Spiritual and Physical aspects of creation, which encompass the entirety of the Heptagen. Below the Physical and Spiritual branches are the Perceiving and Seeing branches, as they represent study, comprehension, and insight. The bottom half of the Heptagen overall represents search and understanding. The asymmetric bottom point of the Heptagen, where the Finding branch of magic is located, represents purpose. The center of the Heptagen is a kite structure called the Requain, whose origins are similar to (yet predate) the Latin Requaero - to seek, search, need, or require. The Requain represents evolution. It touches all individuals, and is surrounded by the physical Universe, the spiritual Moderaverse, the physical evolutionary mechanisms of Progitas, and the spiritual evolutionary forces of Sumnitas. The Requain and the Heptagen's structure, meet at the Finding branch of magic.


There are seven resulting branches of energy, or magic, defined by the Heptagen's structure. Each axis within the Heptagen has meaning, and geometries created from those axes, such as the Requain, also have meaning. The Heptagen repeats infinitely if you connect each vertex to create a smaller intersecting Heptagen, and so on.

Heptagen Kite Lines 1.png
Heptagen Kite Lines 2.png

There are seven major Requains in the Heptagen, and each Requain contains three minor Requains. Requains themselves can be positioned to intersect and recreate the Heptagen itself.

Heptagen Requains Diagram sm.png

The Seven Branches of Magic

Given that the Heptagen represents creation, it also therefore represents the energies that comprise creation. There are seven types of energies which are located at the vertices of the Heptagen that influence the universe, with perfect balance amongst themselves. The Lit have learned over time how to sense and even channel those energies. Channeling the energies is known to the Unlit as magic, though most Lit simply think of it as channeling. The seven branches of magic are Mind, Body, Spiritual, Physical, Perceiving, Seeing, and Finding. The changes in word tense are purposeful, given the meaning of each branch within the overall understanding and purpose of the Heptagen.



This is the branch of magic dedicated to intellect. It represents one’s own control of mental abilities. Archetypes include Telepaths, Crafters, Alchemists, and Empaths. 


This is the branch of magic dedicated to our bodies and physical form. Archetypes include Morphs, Regenerators, and Martial Artists. 



This is the branch of magic dedicated to understanding spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is energy within the universe that guides our evolution outside of physics. Archetypes include Dream Walkers and Illusionists. 



This is the branch of magic dedicated to controlling physical energy, such as light heat, and matter. Archetypes include various Elemental Mages, Transfigurers, and Telekinetics. 



This is the branch of magic dedicated to gaining knowledge and wisdom from the spiritual side of creation, and in applying Spiritual magic towards others. Archetypes include Flames, Perceivers, Prophecists, and Necromancers. 



This is the branch of magic dedicated to gaining knowledge and wisdom from the physical side of creation, and in applying Physical magic towards others. Archetypes include Healers and Viewers. 



This is the branch of magic dedicated to wisdom and purpose. Archetypes include Searchers and Travelers.