Nysperience Overview


  • Minecraft meets Pokémon meets Candy Crush

  • Play-to-Earn game mechanics

  • Users receive real-world value for playing the game

  • State-of-the-art blockchain is used to record assets in the game as NFTs that can be bought and sold: LitPets, artifacts, land and more

  • No blockchain knowledge is required to play, and gameplay ranges from casual to PvP to pure business creation – anyone can participate with no upfront cost




  • Craft increasingly complex items by playing fun, casual minigames

  • Craft LitPets and participate in PvP gameplay

  • Play-to-Earn by selling crafted LitPets, engaging in PvP battles, or building a profitable business that contributes to the in-game economy

  • Make your LitPet teams more competitive and make your businesses more profitable with valuable and unique NFTs




  • There are 236 unique LitPets

  • LitPets make your businesses more profitable and your battles more competitive, both of which increase your earning potential

  • LitPets are created on-chain using a genetic algorithm smart contract; spending more Heptals (our in-game currency) to create a LitPet can significantly increase its chance of being high-powered

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Heptones (PvP Battles)


  • Players assemble a deck comprised of 7 LitPets tailored to a variety of game strategies

  • Battles between LitPets take place in an online showdown called a Heptone

  • A Starter Deck can be used to battle; Starter Deck LitPets cannot be traded or sold

  • Heptals are earned whether you win or lose, but earnings increase with victories


Virtual Businesses


  • Businesses mirror real-life businesses in that there are expenses and revenue, and the goal is to maximize profit

  • Businesses represent many different types of gameplay where players can Play-to-Earn

  • Gameplay includes match-3, merge, crafting, sim, and other popular casual game mechanics

  • Businesses are more profitable with LitPets that have strong characteristics that suit the business


Economy Overview


  • Anyone can start playing to earn with no upfront costs

  • Heptals, the in-game currency, will be distributed through Play-to-Earn activities (PvP or virtual businesses) and will not be sold on an ongoing basis

  • Particularly unique NFTs can be extremely important in creating a powerful LitPet team or valuable businesses, increasing your earnings, or the NFTs themselves can be directly sold on a marketplace

  • LitPets, land, and items can all have their own unique value

  • Businesses drive supply and demand curves among each other

  • Some businesses require real-life business mechanics such as business registration, cost of goods sold (COGS), marketing, IP protection, and more

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