The Mage Code

The Mage Code is a set of principles that guide the lives and actions of the Lit and their societal rules and laws. The Lit are brought up learning the code, and nearly all of the Lit society strives to live by these rules. The Mage code was originally created by Millicent Goodwyn shortly after the city of Cent was founded.

Master Goodwyn lived her life according to these seven principles, as they represented her personal moral code. When she created Cent, she hoped that others would choose to embrace this code (e.g. "Within this colloquy, we shall Find the Way." [1]), so she forged the Lightfall Beacon, a beautiful magical artifact, and inscribed her guiding principles onto it. Because Master Goodwyn was so loved and well respected among mages, her personal code quickly became a central part of Lit teachings. Without these seven principles, the Lit world as it exists today would be unrecognizable. Interestingly, each principle of the Mage Code consists of two parts. Master Goodwyn described that each component, while related, stands on its own - they are not a restatement of a single concept (e.g. "...within such guidance shall be two halves, standing together unto mutual comprehension." [1]). Also, interestingly, the language used in the principles was markedly distinct from the language of the time. Many scholars have debated the significance of this fact, and a conclusion that many have drawn is that it relates to Master Goodwyn's abilities as a Prophecist. The principles of the Lightfall are now known simply as the Mage Code:

  1. Be brave.  Face your fears.

  2. Love yourself and others.  Your well-being, your friends, and your family are all important.

  3. Actions speak louder than words.  The results of one’s actions define one’s true measure.

  4. Never give up.  Always try your best.

  5. Treat others as you would have them treat you.  Be kind to all you meet.

  6. Perception defines one’s reality.  Think for yourself, believe in truths rather than wishes, and understand others are defined by their perceptions as well.

  7. Be strong.  Earn your victories.

[1] "A Finder's Odyssey: Admonitions on Control", Millicent Goodwyn, April 20th, 1527.